Understand Finnish mindset and build relationships with confidence

I have a question for you. How can you go from feeling unsure to feeling confident in understanding the Finnish mindset?

If you guessed that, you would need to:

  • Be in Finland and learn by trial and error… you’d be wrong.
  • Have Finnish family members, so you can ask them… no worries, it’s not a requirement.
  • Spend countless hours scouring the internet about Finnish people and piece together the information you find - then, good news, you’re wrong.
You see, while there are many free resources about Finnish people, their communication style, and Finnish customs, it’s like falling into a rabbit hole.

You’ll find things like:

  • Finns only talk when we have something to say.
  • It’s difficult to make friends in Finland.
  • Finns value honesty above everything.

The information is scattered and gives no context, so it's hard to understand what you really should do to succeed in building relationships with Finns.

But I’m here to tell you that it’s not your fault. Those resources are not meant for people like you, searching for more than just the tourist experience.

What you need is a proven framework that gives you the tools to build relationships with Finns and the insights to understand the Finnish mindset even better.


How to Connect with the Finns

Understand Finns even better and build relationships with confidence
After completing this unique course, you'll have:

  • A Deep Cultural Understanding: You've unlocked the secrets of Finnish customs, traditions, and communication styles, helping you form deeper, more authentic connections with Finns.
  • The Know-How to Elevate Personal and Professional Relationships: You master the art of interacting with Finns, creating stronger and more meaningful bonds both at work and in your personal life.
  • A Confidence Boost in Social Interactions: You can navigate social situations and conversations with Finns with ease.

...And if you're learning Finnish, don't be surprised if this course gives you a lot of enthusiasm for your Finnish journey too.

What my students say...

"I’ve been interested in Finland ever since watching a Finnish series on Netflix.

The lessons are interesting and clear. Varpu didn’t only present the good in her culture – she was honest and shared both the positives and the negatives.

I’ve never been to Finland and visiting the country appeared in my mind as a far-away dream. Now, thanks to Varpu’s course, that vague dream is growing and solidifying. I can imagine myself there.

And, most of all, I feel much better prepared to meet and get to know Finns. Thank you, Varpu!"

- Gwen

"I never imagined that I could learn about the Finnish communication style like this! Bravo!"

- Tabia

"It was a pleasure taking this course! I already knew a thing or two from my long-term Finnish partner and my 2 short lovely trips to Finland, but I learned quite a few new and important things.

I really enjoyed watching your video feedback on my workbook! Love your personal and helpful approach. So much value! (You should price the course higher! :) Thanks for everything again, Varpu. I feel much more equipped for our planned Finland relocation."

- Emil


How to Connect with the Finns Course includes:

✅ 13 one-of-kind lessons and lesson challenges

✅ 100+ practical examples of everyday situations

✅ Complete the workbook to reflect on your progress and deepen your understanding

✅ FREE BONUS - Finnish Whisperer eBook (30 €)

✅ FREE BONUS - How to Make Friends in Finland (19 €)

How will this course help you succeed on your Finland discovery journey? By using the signature A.S.K. and Observe Approach

This framework helps you grasp the essential elements of Finnish culture and communication style with ease.

Each module includes a set of specific topics I explain in detail in the corresponding lesson.

I designed the lessons to be relaxed coffee moment conversations and furthermore - interactive. Each lesson ends with a challenge that I’d like you to complete in your personal workbook.

Course Curriculum

What my students say...

"I’m a first generation Canadian with Finnish parents. As a Finnish-Canadian, I still have strong Finnish roots and links to my heritage.

That said, I enrolled in this course thinking it would be interesting to hear what you had to share. Well, it’s been more than that.

Your course was placed in my path to help me to better understand my family of origin. Why they behave this way or that way. Some of it I knew were the “Finnish ways” but other things were eye opening. It’s helping me to gain perspective and truly help me in my life and healing journey.

Thank you for creating this interesting and helpful course."

- Lisa

"I’ve spent many, many hours in classrooms and online helping people to learn. When I comment in a positive way about this course, the remarks are both from a student and from someone who has done a lot of teaching.

Personally, the most surprising thing about the course is – don’t laugh – how “Finnish” I am without being born there or even raised in a Finnish home. I did not know my Finnish grandparents and knew my 100% Finnish father for a short time before he and my mother were divorced and I never saw him again after I was about 7 years old. So much of what is in the course about Finns describes me.

The most helpful part of the course is without a doubt the workbook. Adult learners need lessons that are direct and can be used easily and importantly.

The workbook helped me do that. When I write things, I learn them more effectively. I need time to think about what I learned and to see how it fits into my life. This happened all the way through the course. Thank you for your work!"

- Jeff


Your Instructor


Hi! I'm Varpu, your Finland coach and the founder of Her Finland.

I help you get to know Finnish culture, feel connected with the Finnish way of life, and learn easy Finnish, wherever you are.

As an MSc speaking six languages and coming from a family full of teachers, it's my pleasure to show you all things Finnish.

There are over 18 200 happy students in my courses. Come and join us!

What my students say...

"I enjoyed this course so much! Varpu is a fantastic teacher and I recommend this course to everyone interested in Finnish people!"

- Lyndsie

"This course is such a game-changer! Before I was feeling very unsure about the Finnish communication style.

Because my hubby and I are both expats, we weren't sure if we should feel offended during our awkward encounters with our Finnish neighbors.

Thanks to your course and your personal workbook review (Kiitos!), I feel so much more confident.

Everything makes so much more sense now!"



Let's check out the free bonuses that come with this course.


(worth 30 €)

This detailed guide to daily life in Finland helps you feel more comfortable visiting or living in Finland.


After reading this eBook, you'll know:

  • Guest Etiquette 101: How to Behave When Invited to a Finnish Home
  • Feeling at Home Everywhere: The Key to Comfort in Various Public Spaces
  • Eating Like a Finn: Unveiling the Essential Food and Dining Customs
  • Navigating the Quirks: Why Shopping in Finland Might Seem Unusual
  • Surviving Finnish Seasons: My Two Secret Weapons for Winter and Surprisingly, Summer

..and so much more

#2 FREE BONUS - How to Make Friends in Finland

(worth 19€)

This practical virtual class gives you a step-by-step method for making Finnish friends!

What my students say...

"The tips I got were really useful when meeting my husband's extended family members. Haha. It made for a way less awkward experience than the first time around! You are doing great work!"

- Kimberly


Smart questions to ask before enrolling

1. I think I know a lot about Finnish people already. How is this course going to help me?

This course will bring you unique aha moments because it was created with input from thousands of people.

This course stems from 7 years of work with the Her Finland community. In addition to valuable daily discussions, I have conducted several detailed surveys to uncover the key interests and challenges of those who are interested in getting to know Finnish people on a deeper level.

I have also delved into academic research and literature classics covering the history of Finland and Finnish culture while interviewing Finns, people with Finnish heritage, and internationals living both in and outside of Finland.

All these encounters and observations have helped me formulate a framework that is easy to understand and goes beyond the surface level.

2. I’m not sure if I should buy this course?

I know it can feel scary to invest in your relationships and yourself, but actually, it's one of the best investments you can make because it allows you to build connections and opportunities you never thought possible.

I want you to feel comfortable with your decision, so I’m offering you a 14-day money-back guarantee. Just write to me explaining why the course wasn't a good fit for you, and I’ll buy it back from you!

3. Does this course work on mobiles?

It works great on mobiles. You'll have access to the course across any devices you own.

4. I’m not technical at all. How can I be a student in an online course?

The course platform is very easy to navigate. I have students of all ages, some of them are 80+. If you have any technical problems, you can always reach out and my team will help you.

5. How do I use the workbook?

You can print out or digitally fill out the praised How to Connect with the Finns Workbook.

6. Is this a monthly fee?

No. This is a one-time payment, and you get lifetime access to the course.

7. When does the course start and finish?

This course is a completely self-paced online course. You can start when you want and you'll have instant access to all course materials.

8. Will I learn Finnish with this course?

You'll hear some Finnish as I showcase some Finnish sayings that highlight the Finnish mindset. This course is 99% in English, though. Many of my students have gained a lot of confidence and new motivation for their Finnish studies after enrolling in this course.

9. What happens after I purchase the course?

Once you purchase this course, you will have immediate access to it. You'll also receive an email confirmation and receipt.

10. What currency is the course fee in?

The course is purchased in euros, and multiple payment methods are available. The payment processor of your choosing will make the currency exchange for you automatically.

11. How much are the taxes?

This price is tax-inclusive! You don't pay anything extra.

12. How long do I have access to the course?

This course is yours, always.

13. Okay, so how do I enroll?

Go ahead and smack the red button below. I promise that I'll be waiting for you on the other side.

How to Connect with the Finns course comes with:

✅ Amazing bonuses (worth 49 €)

✅ Instant access to all modules

✅ One-time payment, 14-day full refund

✅ Self-paced - Start when it's convenient for you!

Look, I understand you've binge-watched Bordertown AND Deadwind on Netflix.

You might even be a member of a Finland-related forum or Facebook group...

but you’re still looking for that next resource to give you that deeper-level understanding of the Finnish mindset.

I’m here to tell you that this How to Connect with the Finns course will show you how it all *clicks*.

Go ahead, tap that button below and never feel like something got lost in translation.


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