Discover the Finnish language & culture today!

Here's the secret to learning how to speak Finnish

(even if you keep hearing it's "harder to learn than Mandarin Chinese")

After this e-learning bundle, you'll impress some Finns in just a couple of months and feel more comfortable with the Finnish culture.

You see, the reason why learning to speak Finnish feels like climbing Mount Everest in swimwear is because most learning resources aren't focusing on the Finnish culture and spoken Finnish.

Spoken Finnish helps us to tap into the Finnish lifestyle. And when you focus on learning about the culture through the language instead of the other way around, it makes all the difference.
Introducing... Finnish Jumpstart Bundle

This e-learning bundle includes the praised Conversational Finnish for Beginners course and Finnish Whisperer eBook about the Daily life in Finland.



This easy-to-absorb ebook includes all those tiny daily life details that no one tells you about.

I wrote Finnish Whisperer to help you get to know the everyday life situations and communications you’re bound to experience in Finland.

Those curious and quirky cultural things that you only experience when dealing with the Finnish culture for a longer period of time (like living in Finland).

Knowing these things in advance will help you dive into the Finnish viewpoint and definitely alleviate the culture shock.

After reading this ebook, you’ll know:

  • 10 pitfalls to avoid in everyday discussions
  • The must-know food and eating habits of Finnish people
  • Why shopping in Finland can be an odd experience
  • My two secret weapons to survive the Finnish winter (and surprisingly the summer too)
  • The key to feeling comfortable in different public places
  • How to behave as a guest in a Finnish home


After Conversational Finnish for Beginners, you'll know:

  • A simple framework for learning how to speak Finnish even if it feels like your brain is allergic to new languages.
  • The easiest methods to build short sentences in spoken Finnish - without worrying about conjugations and endings.
  • How it feels when your Finnish receptionist is completely shocked that you're NOT a Finn.

Student love letters


"I LOVE your lessons!!! I have been so busy (no excuses) and haven't finished them up yet. But I want to compliment you on your gentle and kind spirit. You are a gifted teacher!!

Thank you for doing the lessons!!!"

- Karina -

"Dear Varpu, when I arrived to Finland I was only able to speak three words in Finnish (kiitos, kavi, pulla). So I was happy to see your online course and booked it. The structure and the lessons are excellent and easy to work with. Thanks to the course I can speak more now, maybe not everything perfect but with fun. Kiitos paljon!!!"

- Stephan, Professor in Helsinki University -

"I am not beginner for studying (maybe intermediate level) but I registered to your course and I am so happy with this registration :) I checked all of your Instagram pictures and just one thing came to my mind, If I knew this great information about Finland during 4 past years, I was so happier about my life, but it is not late, I use this great information now and enjoy my life more.

I hope I speak suomen kieli soon and my dream is to help you to teach this language to others in future with your method which is so unique. "

- Mahsa, expat in Finland -

"The course was superb, absolutely excellent, very creative and quite thorough without getting hung up on all kinds of conjugations etc. And the workbooks complemented the videos very well."

- Roy, Finnish-Canadian, Canada -




What if learning to speak Finnish was just as fun as talking with a Finnish friend? Explaining how to study with quick wins, showing you Finnish culture, and of course, repeating the key structures and words with you until you remembered them all.

That's what I've done for you.

So, what's included in the course?

☑️ A structured learning path with 35+ video lessons

☑️ Spoken Finnish hacks and motivation builders

☑️ Powerful memory trick techniques to remember words throughout the whole course

☑️ A checklist to keep yourself accountable

☑️ A 25-page workbook full of exercises

☑️ A grammar cheetsheat to learn key structures fast


Essential Finnish Phrases for Travelers

☑️ 10 detailed travel-related language lessons

☑️ On the go cheatsheet

"I know you must be getting plenty of well-deserved kudos for your language modules.

My background is technical communications and online learning. Mostly I write about cultural history now, but wanted to take a minute to tell you how much I enjoy your design and presentation of Finnish. It’s so well done and beautifully produced.

Thanks so much for helping me in my learning! You’ve done a wonderful job and it’s helping me! Kiitos!"

- Anna-Riikka, Finnish-American, USA -

"Hei Varpu, I live in Helsinki and this is truly one of the nicest courses I have come across. What I am learning in this course is really close to life and it won’t teach you unnecessary things I will never need or use.

You are such a kind person with the most gentle voice, which makes me feel like I totally got this."

- Kathrin, expat in Finland -

"I love the online course! So happy I signed up 🎉 "

- Glenda, USA -



In this course, you'll learn the key plug & play spoken Finnish structures that you will remember.

They have a minimum amount of endings and conjugating rules that make you feel overwhelmed.

You'll also understand a broader vocabulary of a native speaker because this course features the most popular phrases of your Finnish speaking partner.

Course Curriculum

Available in days
days after you enroll



  • Learn 150 key phrases and words for your Finland visit
  • A quick cheatsheet for all situations
  • Perfect on the go


I don't know how to get started with learning Finnish, what should I do?
This course is designed for beginners just like you. It helps you to keep laser-sharp focus on the things you need to know to build short sentences you will remember.

Does this course include spoken Finnish?
Yes! This course focuses on getting you to speak spoken Finnish. It's our Number One goal. You'll learn all the structures as you hear them in real life in Finland, not just the textbook version.

Does this course work on mobiles?
It works great on mobiles. You'll have access to the course across any and all devices you own. I highly recommend watching the lessons on your mobile and leveraging the idle time you have on the go.

I’m not technical at all. How am I able to be in an online course?
You just need to login in and then select a class. I promise, it's super easy. I have students of all ages, some of them are well over 70. Btw, language learning is a fantastic brain exercise for any age.

I want to write and learn on paper. I don’t do digital.
I love hearing that. This course comes with printable resources, and I highly recommend that you print them out. Research shows that taking hand-written notes helps you learn better and, at the same time, you’ll have me on video explaining everything to you.

I have tried other Finnish resources and I didn’t learn anything. I’m scared I’ll fail again.
I don’t want to give a library of Finnish phrases and just to leave you venturing by yourself, getting lost and confused. Nor, do I want to stuff you to the gills with grammar systems. This course pushes you through a learning path, teaching you versatile structures that work great in spoken Finnish. Aka short adaptable sentences that you will remember.

What if this course stinks?
I’m sure you’ll find this course helpful. Thus, you'll have 30 days from the date of purchase to get a full refund if you don't like it.

Is this a monthly fee?
No. This is a one-time payment, and you get lifetime access to the course as well as its future updates. If you know a Finn, you probably know this: we warm up slowly, but once you make a Finnish friend, they’re there for life.

When does the course start and finish?
This course is a completely self-paced online course - you can start when you have the time. You'll always have instant access to all course materials.

What happens after I purchase the course?
Once you purchase this course here on Teachable (Teachable is the course platform where you'll access the lessons), you will get immediate access into the course. Also, you'll receive an email confirmation stating that you paid and my support emails with links back to this course.

Varpu, am I able to control the sound and video?
Yes. You can always speed up or slow down my speech, using the gear icon. You'll have all the normal functions with the video. Play, pause etc...

What currency is the course fee in?
The course fee is in US dollars, and you purchase the course in US dollars. It's super easy to buy at the checkout. You can use a credit card or Paypal. These companies will make the currency exchange for you after the purchase.

How much are the taxes?
The checkout will automatically identify if and how much you need to pay taxes.

What is VAT ID at the checkout?
If you have a company with a VAT ID, you can add in the ID in and get the course with 0% VAT.

How long do I have access to the course?
This course is yours, always.

Okay, so how do I enroll?
Go ahead and smack the red button below. After checkout, you’ll be directed into the course.

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