If the trickiest part of your Finnish studies is staying committed, here’s your chance…

We all know that learning Finnish takes a lot of work. All language studies do.

When we work hard, we get results.

But, I think that working hard doesn’t mean working LONGER.

It means working

  • Smarter
  • Together
  • With more fun

To be honest, with most of my students, language is not the main goal. The language is actually just a tool.

Your Finnish dream (aka connecting with the Finnish lifestyle, visiting, or living in Finland) is the real goal...

That’s the real reason why you are learning Finnish and we need to fuel that dream to keep you moving forward with your Finnish journey.

That’s why I created this for you:
Fuel Your Finnish 7-day Mastermind Group

This is a live 7-day group coaching program, starting March 1st. The enrollment is limited and the doors are open now.

What is Fuel Your Finnish 7-Day Challenge all about?


If you feel like you need real-life inspiration, fresh eyes, and someone to hold you accountable, this program is made for you.

At the end of day 7, you will leave with:

  • Cultural insights
  • Completed authentic language challenges
  • New friends
  • Actionable roadmap for how to accelerate your Finnish studies

Here’s the outline of our program:

Monday: Getting connected

Live webinar with Varpu on how to power up your Finnish

Challenge 1

Tuesday: Finnish music

Cultural video lesson

Challenge 2

Wednesday: Home dreams

Hands-on video lesson

Challenge 3

Thursday: Finnish food

Hands-on video lesson

Challenge 4

Friday: Real-life situations

Cultural video lesson

Challenge 5

Saturday: Finnish sisu

Cultural video lesson

Challenge 6

Sunday: Acceleration action plan

Hands-on video lesson

Challenge 7

The enrollment is limited and signup is only available until 24th February.

Our live Zoom session will take place on Monday March 1st, 10 PM Helsinki time.

(9 PM in Germany, 8 PM in the UK, 3 PM in New York, 12 PM in Vancouver & Los Angeles, 7 AM in Sydney and 9 AM in Wellington)

The live webinar will be recorded for anyone that cannot attend the live session.

In this 7-day Mastermind Group, you will have the opportunity to be paired with 2-3 study buddies. I will assist assembling your study buddy groups, but this is a great opportunity to now relate to someone else who loves Finland.

This study buddy relationship will also help keep you accountable and motivated throughout the duration of this challenge!


What is the Fuel Your Finnish Mastermind Group?

This is a multi-sensory Finnish language support group. The daily challenges focus on bite-sized, actionable cultural tips. Along with these daily challenges, you will also get hands-on video lessons. This type of support ensures you’ll stay accountable.

Personally, my goal is, that on day 7, you’re thinking: “Wow, I never knew that you could support language studies like this?!” This challenge doesn’t have any grammar nor formal language learning methods.

What level in Finnish should I be on to take part in this group?

You can be a total beginner or more advanced! The challenges are designed so that they fit all Finnish students.

How much time should I invest in this group?

You can adjust the time you spend. I would recommend spending the minimum of 20 minutes per day to get the benefits.

Do I need to invest in something else?

Nope, all of the required material for this program come with this one-time payment. If you want to continue your Finnish journey, I have recommendations for you.

I’m already a student on your language course (Conversational Finnish for Beginners/Finnish Jumpstart), does this program have something new for me?

YES, everything is new within this program! This is the perfect opportunity to diversify your Finnish journey with completely new lessons, friends, and my personal support.

I’m already a student on your cultural course Finnish Culture Compass, does this program have something new for me?

YES. This is the perfect opportunity to start adding the Finnish language in your cultural discovery journey.

What if I don’t want a study buddy?

No problem. You can opt out from having a study buddy.

What if this program stinks?

There are no risks for you. If you’re not happy with the program, just send me an email with your completed challenges, and let me know why you didn’t find the program a good fit for you. I’ll be happy to give back your money 100%.

Will there be a new Mastermind Group after this?

I can’t guarantee there will be a new Mastermind Group nor if the price will be the same.

What I do know is that in life, you will never find a perfect time slot for the things you want to achieve. You have to carve out the time for them. Just think about where you could be in 1 month after getting lit up for your Finnish passion!

What currency is the fee in?
The program fee is in US dollars, and you make your purchase in US dollars. You can use a credit card or Paypal. These companies will make the currency exchange for you after the purchase, automatically.
How much are the taxes?
The checkout will automatically identify if and how much you need to pay taxes.
What is VAT ID at the checkout?
If you have a company with a VAT ID, you can add in the ID in and get the course with 0% VAT.
How long do I have access to the program?
This program is yours, always.
Okay, so how do I enroll?
Go ahead and smack the red button below. After checkout, you’ll be directed into the program.

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Hi! I'm Varpu, Finnish online coach and the founder of Her Finland.

I help you get to know Finnish culture, feel connected with the Finnish way of life and learn easy Finnish, wherever you are.

As an MSc speaking six languages and coming from a family full of teachers, it's my pleasure to show you all things Finnish.

There are over 9000 happy students in my courses. Come and join us!


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"I am impressed with your simple steps in learning to speak Finnish. Your explanations and examples are excellent in helping me understand the basics of pronunciation. You are an inspiration and I look forward to learning to speak some Finnish... Would love to explore my Finnish roots. thank you very much! ( Kiitos!)

- Sharon, USA -

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