It’s time to indulge your passion for Finland in a tasty way.

Have you enjoyed delicious desserts and savory bakes from Finland?

Would you like to know how to recreate them in your own kitchen?

With Finnish Baking Magic eCookbook + Bonuses you can unlock the treasure of Finnish cooking... the mouthwatering sweet and savory treats of Finland.

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What the Finnish Baking Magic Kit includes...


What’s included in the Finnish Baking Magic Kit:

  • An E-Cookbook with 21 iconic recipes
  • A Baking Tips lesson with Varpu
  • A Video Lesson on the Finnish pronunciation of all 21 treats
  • 1 Master Grocery List with English names and Finnish names

Struggling with conversions? Not with this kit. Start baking your treats hassle-free.

You’ll get 5 copies of the e-cookbook.

Pick the one that works for you.

  • English with American measurements
  • English with gram measurements
  • English with gram & ml measurements
  • English with Finnish measurements (decilitres)
  • Finnish with Finnish measurements (decilitres)

Student testimonials

"I love the cookbook! I printed the English version with grams 2 to a page and put it in a small 3 ring binder! It works great!

Thank you so much for writing this cookbook, especially for the conversions. Since starting to bake more and more I've been trying to use recipes with weights and they are hard to find with American recipes.

It's also nice to have Finnish food recipes from a Finn. Googling, I've only been able to find Finnish recipes only from people who have visited Finland, but aren't native.


- Laura

I'm usually skeptical when there are tons of free recipes around, but I'm really happy with the recipe book. It's nice to have everything together, to read it on a tablet while baking and to check what to bake today : ) Thank you!

- Karin

"I used to be intimidated by the thought of baking Finnish recipes for my relatives, but Finnish Baking Magic made my time in the kitchen a lot simpler than I expected. I am so happy that I can now easily bake Finnish classic desserts!”


"I get so many questions about Finnish recipes. Here is the resource you need! If you ask me, this baking kit could also be named “The Easiest Way to Conquer a Finnish Guy’s Heart”. These are the most known and delicious Finnish treats you can start making yourself today!"

- Aleksi Himself, Finnish YouTuber

"I love your book. I think that what I like the most is that it feels more authentic. What I mean is that online you can find recipes for any kind of sweet or traditional food, but are you sure what are you going to cook is really authentic? With your book I'm sure that these are real Finnish recipes, probably the ones your mum or grandma did and it makes me feel closer to the Finnish culture. Thank you so much."

- Cecilia


Dive into these classic Finnish treats that are perfect for everyday occasions and the holiday seasons.

Here are the recipes of this kit.

🏆 All-time favorites

Cinnamon rolls aka pullat

Finnish crepes aka letut

Oven pancake aka pannukakku

Butter eye buns aka voisilmäpullat

Fried sweet bread aka köyhät ritarit

Karelian pies aka karjalanpiirakat

Whipped porridge aka vispipuuro

🌱 Spring: Easter & vappu

Easter peach pie aka persikkarahkapiirakka

Easter rye pudding aka mämmi

Spring mead aka sima

Homemade donuts aka munkit

🌸 Summer

Strawberry cake aka mansikkakakku

Blueberry pie aka mustikkapiirakka

🍂 Autumn

Home-made spinach/nettle rolls aka pinaattisämpylät

Chanterelle quiche aka kantarellipiirakka

Mocha sheet brownies aka mokkapalat

❄️ Christmas & Winter

Homemade gingerbread aka piparit

Christmas bread aka joululeipä

Plum tarts aka joulutortut

Runeberg's tarts aka Runebergin tortut

Shrovetide buns aka laskiaispullat

Here is a preview of the format of the downloadable e-cookbook

Student Success Stories

"Your recipes are inspiring and your pannukakau is super delush and easy !!

[It] was an OMG moment with my mum's homemade strawberry jam. The best part was the crust, yummy."

-M.R from Canada

"Oh my goodness. This week I made blueberry pie and it was amazing. Not kidding, my family devoured it and it was so easy!
I should have taken a picture but the desire to tuck in to warm bowl (with vanilla ice cream, of course) took over my intellect. Next I’m going to try Pulla!"

- Laura

"I made Joulutorttu for Christmas day! It was the first time I made them, and they turned out wonderfully. Your recipe was clear and easy to follow. I looked online for good recipes, but so many American versions didn't seem right, as they called for adding ricotta or cream cheese to the dough - very strange! I was so glad to bake using your authentic recipe, and the Joulutorttu were just how I remembered my mom's. I'm looking forward to trying many of the other recipes in the ebook. Kittos, Varpu! "

- Molly

"We have almost finished the Piparit that I made last week. My fiance loved them. (happy relief!) By the way, I used gluten-free flour and it worked beautifully. Kiitos paljon!"


"I made pannukakku this morning! It was the best version I've tried so far. Definitely a keeper. I plan on using your recipe for the butter eye buns tomorrow for a family get together. I'm sure it will be great! I also can't wait to try your Sima recipe."

- Laura


Frequently Asked Questions

How does this kit work?
This kit is completely self-paced. It's a one-time payment and you'll have it forever as your resource library. You have unlimited access to it for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own. You can download and print out the cookbook and shopping list for your personal use.
Can I buy Finnish Baking Magic Kit as a gift?
Yes, you can. Please make the purchase with the gift recipient's name and email address while using your own payment information. The gift recipient will receive the Welcome-email of Finnish Baking Magic Kit with access details to the kit along with the payment receipt.
I have a different currency than US dollars? How can I buy the kit?
No problem if you have another currency. You'll still make the purchase in US dollars, following the simple steps at the check-out. Whatever your currency is, your credit card or PayPal will automatically do the exchange for you. Super easy.
How are dietary options discussed in this e-cookbook?
All the recipes are suitable for vegetarians. The only recipe including meat is the chanterelle pie and this can be made without any meat. These recipes are made with classic Finnish ingredients that include butter, eggs, flour, milk, etc. I would love to make a vegan and/or gluten-free cookbook in the future!
Is this an online cookbook or a hard copy?
This is an online cookbook with two video lessons and a master shopping list. There are four versions of this online cookbook with different measurements.

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