Want to know the details about Finnish life that no one tells you?


The Finnish Whisperer e-Book will guide you through the intricacies of daily life in Finland and make you feel more comfortable visiting or living in Finland.

After reading the e-Book you'll know:
  • 10 pitfalls to avoid in everyday discussions
  • The must-know food and eating habits of Finnish people
  • Why shopping in Finland can be an odd experience
  • My two secret weapons to survive the Finnish winter (and surprisingly the summer too)
  • The key to feeling comfortable in different public places
  • How to behave as a guest in a Finnish home

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  • Have you turned other people into Finland fans because of your passion for it?
  • Do you experience an unexpected sadness when your visit to Finland is coming to an end?
  • Do you hope to someday live in Finland?
  • Have you been called weird for loving Finland so much?

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