Want to know the details about Finnish life that no one tells you?


Go from cultural confusion to cultural connection!

The Finnish Whisperer e-book is your pathway from curiosity and confusion to cultural confidence in Finland

Let's guide you through the daily life in Finland so that you feel more comfortable visiting or living in Finland.

This e-Book is the perfect resource for you if you:

  • will visit Finland
  • will live in Finland
  • have Finnish roots
  • are curious about Finland and all things Finnish

After reading this e-Book, you'll know:

  • Building Finnish Friendships: Navigating Cultural Connections Without Missteps
  • Conversational Mastery in Finland: 10 Essential Tips for Seamless Interactions
  • Eating Like a Finn: Unveiling the Essential Food and Dining Customs
  • Navigating the Quirks: Why Shopping in Finland Might Seem Unusual
  • Surviving Finnish Seasons: My Two Secret Weapons for Winter and Surprisingly, Summer
  • Feeling at Home Everywhere: The Key to Comfort in Various Public Spaces
  • Guest Etiquette 101: How to Behave When Invited to a Finnish Home

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Hi! I'm Varpu, your Finland coach and the founder of Her Finland.

I help you get to know Finnish culture, feel connected with the Finnish way of life, and learn easy Finnish, wherever you are.

As an MSc speaking six languages and coming from a family full of teachers, it's my pleasure to show you all things Finnish.

There are over 18 200 happy students in my courses. Come and join us!

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