Speak Finnish words in 20 minutes

Do you want to learn Finnish but...

  • the mere idea of trying to pronounce the language makes you want to try that Finnish ice swimming instead?
  • you secretly hope that watching Bordertown on Netflix will make you conversational?
  • it seems like a distant dream because you're not in Finland?

I bet you've heard that Finnish is a real mouthful.

You're right, standard Finnish is complex. But spoken Finnish is much easier.

After enrolling in this quick class, you'll see how learning to speak Finnish doesn't need to be difficult or time-consuming.

No credit card needed. Turn your Finnish dream into reality today.


Student love letters

"I am impressed with your simple steps in learning to speak Finnish. Your explanations and examples are excellent in helping me understand the basics of pronunciation. You are an inspiration and I look forward to learning to speak some Finnish... Would love to explore my Finnish roots. thank you very much! ( Kiitos!)

- Sharon, USA -

"Thank you for this free class, it was so helpful! I will definitely continue to study Finnish."

- Nikolija

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After taking this class, you'll

  • know how to say any Finnish word... and remember it too.
  • see why it's so much easier to learn to speak Finnish than you originally thought.
  • get connected with this beautiful language and Finnish everyday culture.

Your Spark Your Finnish class includes:

  • A lesson packed with hacks that will transform your outlook on the Finnish language, making it a comfortable, fun and meaningful pursuit.
  • An action pack with written exercises to deepen all that you have learned.

Just follow the proven path tried and tested by thousands of students and I promise, you can learn spoken Finnish, wherever you are.

Your Instructor


Hi! I'm Varpu, your Finland coach and the founder of Her Finland.

I help you get to know Finnish culture, feel connected with the Finnish way of life, and learn easy Finnish, wherever you are.

As an MSc speaking six languages and coming from a family full of teachers, it's my pleasure to show you all things Finnish.

There are over 18 200 happy students in my courses. Come and join us!


After you enroll, you'll see the class immediately.

I'm willing to bet you will:

- have at least two "aha-moments" in the first 10 minutes
- cry happy tears when you hear about the signature Friendly Iceberg Method and why it's so efficient when it comes to spoken Finnish
- remember the memory tricks of this class (spoiler alert, there will be a cute baby cow)

Student testimonials from the paid beginner-level course

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"Hei Varpu,

I wanted to let you know I really enjoyed your free course and will enroll into the beginner's course as soon as I'm settled in Helsinki."

- Aurelia, France

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