Introduction to the verb "to be" and 2 ways of saying 'how are you?' in Finnish

  • "Mitä kuuluu?" (How are you?)
  • "Miten voit?" (How are you feeling?)

Neither of these phrases use the verb 'to be' in Finnish but they are essential phrases when it comes to talking and the reply can often include the verb 'to be'.

Again, you can use the spoken or written Finnish words when speaking. It's not wrong to use written Finnish when speaking.

Learn the words that are the easiest for you!

Let me show you what I mean. All phrases below are correct to say:

  • mä oon
  • minä olen
  • mä olen
  • minä oon

In spoken Finnish, you might also hear the phrase "Miten menee?" It means "How are you?" and is interchangeable with "Mitä kuuluu?".

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