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Hei, and welcome to A Splash of Finnish for Kids course! I am so excited you’re here, and I cannot wait to get started on this language journey together.

I created this course because I’ve learned that immersing your child into a second language is easier than we adults usually think.

You don’t need to speak Finnish yourself nor do you need to skyrocket children’s screen time to introduce Finnish at home. 

You see, play is the language of children. Adding Finnish into your daily routines is easily done through playtime activities.

My personal experiences come from my childhood, as my educator parents immersed me with English from a very young age. I have passed down all the games that I can remember with my own daughter. 

In case we haven’t met yet, I’m Varpu. I’m a Finnish MSc, coach and the creator of Her Finland, an online guide helping you get to know Finland, wherever you are. 

In this course, I’ve combined my information with the expertise of a Finnish education professional. The activities described in this course were carefully chosen with early education and music teacher, Leena Aalto-Heikkilä.


Within this course, we have seven different focus areas: relaxing, animals, family members, colors, feelings, numbers and the alphabet.

Each focus area includes bite-sized videos that introduce Finnish and keep your child’s attention.

There are 25 activity ideas for playing. They encourage you to use all your senses and, also, there's an activity book with extra things to do. You don’t need to have a printer to do the activities described in this course.

Here’s what’s included:

English-Finnish & Finnish-only video lessons that immerse you into the Finnish language

The course activity book with 25 activity ideas for playing

Timetable of planned playtime activities that include Finnish for four weeks

The smaller the kids, the fewer options they need to make the activity fun. For example, for a toddler, an activity involving two things is plenty.

The activities of this course have been designed to spark creativity. When you see that the activity becomes something different or your child wants to make their own version of it, tap yourself on the back. That’s fantastic!


Throughout my life, I have always had wonderful people I can turn to, whether it’s to ask questions, get support or just to laugh with. I hope that I can be that Finnish friend for you. 

So here I am for you. Ready to help you get to know Finland, its culture and language. I’m so honored that I get to be a part of your Finnish journey.

If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, ideas, or simply want to introduce yourself and get to know me, let’s be in touch. I can't wait to hear from you.

Happy playtime! Ihania leikkejä!

Your friend


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