The simple way to immerse your child with Finnish through play, even if you don't speak Finnish.

Want to introduce Finnish at home without skyrocketing children's screen time?

You can do it with these hand-picked methods of Finnish education professionals...

  • even if you aren't in Finland
  • or speak Finnish yourself

"🙌🏼 really cute and fun. Simple but very creative and easy to follow games. 👍🏼 This is definitely a useful course for anyone with kids! This also helped me to learn a lot more basic words.. colors, feelings, and family members. Great job Varpu!"

- Shannon, mom of 1

"Your positivity and enthusiasm help so much. We speak Swedish at home and the videos were the perfect length. So good that I could find all the things for the activities already at home."

- Sini, early education professional

Raise your hand if this sounds like you. I want my children to get to know Finnish but…

  • Hellooo, can you see me here behind the huge laundry pile? I’d love that, but I don’t have the time.
  • I don't know how to start their language journey as I don't speak Finnish.
  • The only kids’ resources I’ve found are online games and I wouldn’t like to increase their screen time.

Children, especially toddlers and preschoolers, are the cutest little tornados full of energy, and happiest while playing.

I’m from the Finnish countryside and, to be honest, before having children in my life, I always thought shepherding stubborn goats was the toughest job I ever had. Parenting is awesome but it's also a 24/7 kind of work.

I understand if you feel like there wouldn't be a Finnish learning material that fits into your life of lost socks and tantrums.

Side note, I just found one sock hanging from my bedside lamp. Maybe your kids do the same?

But there is a simple and fun way to introduce Finnish at home: A Splash of Finnish for Kids.

The secret behind it?

Encouraging children NOT to learn Finnish, but simply to play the activities of this course.

You see, play is the language of children.

When we focus on playing:

  • children are learning Finnish
  • you're getting time-saving, pre-planned playtime activities

This course is not an additional thing to do, it’s a quick plug-in system that taps into your playtime and daily routine.

So how does the course work?

The course is a mix of Finnish and English.

You don’t need to speak the Finnish language yourself to immerse your child with A Splash of Finnish.

First, choose a lesson and watch the energetic videos, designed to keep your child's attention, immersing them into Finnish.

Then it's playtime!

Pick one or more activities suggested and play without any digital devices.

These activities used by Finnish early education professionals make your playtimes already planned for you.

And I do mean real-life play… getting your clothes dirty, catching your breath because you laughed so hard and probably finding some painter’s tape in your hair (my daughter just realized it’s better on the floor).

A Splash of Finnish for Kids encourages us to be active and use all of our senses.

You as an adult can initiate the playing and often kids are excited to continue on their own, allowing you some time of your own.

A Splash of Finnish for Kids course includes:

  • 15 video lessons for children
  • 25 activities that are perfectly adapted for 18-month-old to seven-year-old kids
  • Complete activity book with printable/downloadable resources
  • 3 video lessons for the tutor

The course comes with a free bonus.


Timetable of planned playtime activities for 4 weeks (worth $12)

Don't have time to plan? I got you covered. Use this timetable as it is and see how Finnish starts to flourish at home.

"With Varpu, we carefully picked out the best methods & playtime activities that foster creativity and support development. They work great at home and in the classroom."

- Leena Aalto-Heikkilä, practicing early education and music teacher


What's the most important rule of playing?

To have fun.

That's what keeps your kids coming back to these activities over and over and eventually learning Finnish. Repetition is a huge factor in learning a new language.

Would you refuse playing a new game because you didn't yet know how to play it?

Of course not. You would buckle up and dive in.

That's why this course is built so that you don’t need to speak the Finnish language yourself to immerse your child with A Splash of Finnish.

You can support your child's language journey by encouraging them or by learning with them.

Course Curriculum

  LESSON 1: Learning how to relax
Available in days
days after you enroll
  LESSON 3: Furry animal friends that you cannot live without
Available in days
days after you enroll
  LESSON 4: Shhhh... super shy colors
Available in days
days after you enroll
  LESSON 5: Finnish feelings you’ll start using every day
Available in days
days after you enroll
  LESSON 6: How to remember numbers from day 1
Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll


My child is older than seven years old, would this course work for her?

If there are younger siblings, older children are excited to play the games too. If on their own, some of the activities might feel too childish. The 14-day money-back guarantee is ideal to try and see if the course is beneficial for an older child. It's good to know that there are many teenagers in my Conversational Finnish for Beginners course.

I’m a teacher, am I able to use this course in the classroom?

Yes. The standard license of this course is that you may use this course for personal and non-commercial classroom & e-classroom use for your pupils.

If this course is in educational use, you may, for example, watch the lessons together and play all the activities of this course. You may also print off individual activity sheets provided under each focus area and share them.

If you want to give this course or other parts of it to your co-teacher, a colleague, pupil’s parent or a friend, you’ll need one license for each person who will use it. This is easily done by purchasing this course.

I don't speak Finnish myself, how’s this course gonna work for us?

This course was designed for non-Finnish speaking parents and children. All the instructions are in English and this course softly immerses your child (and you, if you want) with Finnish.

I don’t know how to get started with getting my child to learn Finnish, what should I do?

This course is a fun and simple way to introduce Finnish to children at home through play. It's the perfect first step to take if you want your children to learn Finnish.

Does this course work for busy parents?

This course taps into your playtimes and current daily routine. It doesn’t require setting up separate times for it. The course feedback tells this course actually helps time management and brings preplanned creative activities for children to play.

Does this course include spoken Finnish?

Yes, in the lessons, I speak Finnish the way we speak it here in Finland, not textbook language. The play sessions with my daughter are only in Finnish. The video lessons with me are in English and Finnish.

Does this course work on mobiles?

It works great on mobiles. You'll have access to the course across any and all devices you own.

I’m not sure if this course is a good fit for us?

I’m giving you an entire month to try this course and its activities. I’m offering this money-back guarantee because I believe so strongly in learning through play.

Is this a monthly fee?

No. This is a one-time payment, and you get lifetime access to the course as well as its future updates.

When does the course start and finish?

This course is a completely self-paced online course - you can start when you have the time. You'll always have instant access to all course materials.

What happens after I purchase the course?

Once you purchase this course here on Teachable (Teachable is the course platform where you'll access the lessons), you will get immediate access into the course. Also, you'll receive an email confirmation stating that you paid and my support emails.

Varpu, am I able to control the sound and video?

Yes. You can always speed up or slow down my speech, using the gear icon. You'll have all the normal functions with the video. Play, pause etc...

What currency is the course fee in?

The course fee is in US dollars, and you purchase the course in US dollars. The course is super easy to buy at the checkout. You can use a credit card or Paypal. These companies will make the currency exchange for you after the purchase.

How much are the taxes?

The checkout will automatically identify if and how much you need to pay taxes.

What is VAT ID at the checkout?

If you have a company with a VAT ID, you can add in the ID in and get the course with 0% VAT.

How long do I have access to the course?

This course is yours, always.

Okay, so how do I enroll?

Go ahead and smack the red button below. After checkout, you’ll be directed into the course.

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